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Without Design or Sketch: The Story of The Room

Co-Curated with "Rough Play"

Alex Anderson

Beatriz Cortez

Krysten Cunningham

Ashley Hagen

Carla Jay Harris

Jane Hugentober

Malisa Humphrey

Janna Ireland

Cole James

Shoshi Kanokohata and Taidgh O'Neill

Annelie McKenzie

Thinh Nguyen

Joel Otterson

Christopher Reynolds

Jackie Rines

Emily Sudd

Christian Tedeschi

Elizabeth Tinglof

Kim Truong

Axel Wilhite

Robert Wilhite

Emily Wiseman

Kim Ye

Installation Views from Exhibition

Launch LA ​

170 S La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

September 10 -October 1, 2016

Photography by Ashley Hagen

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