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News, Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Current Events: 

Private Install at the Upstairs Unit on Carondelet St.

Through October, 2023

By Appointment Only

Contact Me to Visit

Recent Press:

"Newsletter: An art park fundraiser aims to revitalize an olive grove", by Deborah Vankin and Jessica Gelt, Los Angeles Times, November 20, 2021

“Meet Emily Sudd: Artist”, Shoutout LA, February 8, 2021,

"Conversations with the Inspiring Emily Sudd", Voyage LA Magazine, May 28, 2019,

"From the Ragged to the Glazed, the Distilled to the Distressed: A Survey of Ceramics in LA", by George Melrod,, May 2, 2018

"Ceramic art, once written off as mere craft, wins a brighter spotlight in the L.A. scene" by Leah Ollman, Los Angeles Times

"Melting Point" at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, by Molly Enholm, ArtScene/Visual Art Source, April 2, 2018

"Los Angeles Artist Collectives You Should Check Out", by Diane Williams, Art and Cake

"An Abandoned Midcentury Building at Cerritos College Is Becoming a Guerrilla Art Gallery Before It's Demolished" by Catherine Womack, LA Weekly

"A Breath of Fresh Air in the Season of Art Fairs: The FAR Bazaar" by Evan Senn, Art and Cake 

“Channeling Whistler’s Peacock Room at LAUNCH LA" by Genie Davis, Art and Cake

"6 LA Artists You Should Know" by Belinda Gosbee, Citizine

"'And There Is an End' -- but no end to its goofy appeal" by David Pagel, Los Angeles Times


Conversation Feature on by Pauli Ochi


Occidental Weekly Feature: "Weingart Exhibit Melds Thrifted Objects, Ceramics"


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